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Generic Latisse was introduced in the market as the only eyelash growth drug approved by Food and Drug Administration. It also known as bimatoprost. It was previously used for glaucoma patients only. However, it led to eyelash growth as a side effect of its administration. That was when it got the recognition as eyelash enhancer. Even if you pile on as much mascara as you want on your short eyelashes, you will have clumpy eyelashes that don’t look natural. To get rid of this, address the problem of your thin eyelashes with the help of bimatoprost. Short eyelashes cannot even be curled properly. If you use false eyelashes, you would always be in the tension of dropping it or people coming to know about it. Therefore, turn to bimatoprost and see its miraculous effects. You would get natural eyelashes in just eight to ten weeks through this eye drops. Loss of eyelashes during and after cancer chemotherapy can also be treated with the help of lash serum.

Mechanism of Action Bimatoprost

Latisse increases the hair growth phase and beautifies the eyelashes by making them longer, shinier and prettier. Apart from this, Lash serum also works to reduce the intraocular pressure in patients who are suffering from glaucoma. It is said to be a prostaglandin analogue acting on the prostaglandin F receptor. The exact mechanism of this formulation is not very clear. The most recent studies have said that bimatoprost is a prostamide kind of medicine.

Directions of Use for Bimatoprost Eyelash Enhancement

It is used once every night. It should not be applied to the eye itself. Before applying the solution, it should be remembered that you should remove all the makeup. Next, wash your face thoroughly and remove your eye lenses. The solution should be applied to the upper eyelid where the eyelashes emerge from the skin. Always use a disposable applicator for each eye. Do not reuse it. If the formulation spreads to the region other than the eyelashes, blot the solution with a cloth. Lower eyelash line should not be applied with the eye drops.

How to Use of Bimatoprost Glaucoma?

If you are suffering from glaucoma, your intraocular pressure may be considerably high. This should be treated as soon as possible so that the optic nerve is not damaged. Vision may also be affected because of this condition. Patients having chronic wide angle glaucoma or simple glaucoma should instill a single bimatoprost drop in the eye. Eyes should not be blinked after this. Close your eyes for around 60-120 seconds. The dropper tip should be carefully capped after use. The dropper tip should not touch any other surface to prevent infection. Strict hygiene and a sepsis should be followed when it comes to treating the delicate eyes. If you are doubtful that the dropper has come in contact with the eyes or other surfaces, rinse properly. Sharing of eyedroppers is strictly prohibited.

Words of Caution

• When bimatoprost is used for eyelash enhancement, iris pigmentation is not a major concern. However, when it is used for glaucoma, it can lead to iris pigmentation as it is applied inside the eyes. Hence, it should be used meritoriously.
• Acute or narrow angle congestive glaucoma should be treated with reversible anticholinesterases and not bimatoprost.
• It can lead to pruritus and rashes in rare circumstances. Medical intervention should be sought for immediately when such an emergency arises.
• The contents of Latisse may have benzalkonium chloride which may be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Therefore, reinsertion of the lenses should be done 15 minutes after drug administration.
• Driving and other risky activities should not be carried out till vision is hazy.
• If you are using this for glaucoma along with other classes of drugs, keep 5 Minutes Gap between the administrations.

Dosage of eyelashes growth serum

Latisse lash serum comes in the concentration of 0.01% or 0.03%.

How to Buy Latisse?

Bimatoprost for sale is conveniently available from online pharmacy stores. You can select the product and place the order.Once you are done with this, you have to enter your address and it would be delivered to your doorstep without any unnecessary delay. Payment is also quite easy whenever you buy it from the World Wide Web.

User Reviews for eyelashes growth serum

I had to attend my best friend’s wedding after three months. Because of my short eyelashes, I was really very frustrated about my looks. At that time, I came across an advertisement regarding eyelash enhancement on one of the websites. It was regarding the wondrous effects of buy generic Latisse online. I started using this lash serum and observed a noticeable change in the length of my eyelashes in just a month. Within 3 months, I had very pretty and long eyelashes. I was totally pleased and impressed with the effectiveness use of medication. I no longer have any complaints regarding the length of my eyelashes. I can curl them, apply mascara and adorn them the way I want without worrying about pinching the eyelids. I would like to inform you that do not stop the treatment mid way otherwise you may end up having a relapse. It does not even have any systemic adverse effects. In a nutshell, this cosmetic item proved to be totally fantastic for me. My grandmother uses bimatoprost eye drops for her glaucoma problem. Even she is extremely satisfied and happy about using it.